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Classic Titos Vodka dry Martini with Olives. Hyatt Regency, Austin Texas

Our Approach

Booze Hunters are passionate about the hunt for the story behind the distiller, the brewer or the vintner. Most libations start with a story, a process and a passion. Often it turns into the perfect cocktail for the perfect occasion, the right beer or wine for that meal or special occasion.

Always in control, always open to new possibilities and adventures.

Our search for the finest spirits and cocktails in America is the story of America. Come join us as we explore the heritage of American Distilling, Brewing and Winemaking

Our Story

BoozeHunters, was created by Michelle and Tim while on a cross-country road trip from New York to Texas, with their dog…Brandy (it’s another long story).

They are passionate about entertaining and are always on the hunt for the new drink or rediscovering the old ones; and about how knowing the booze helps you enjoy it responsibly.

Whether making the perfect cocktail for the perfect occasion or an accompaniment to a meal, always in control, always open to new possibilities and adventures.

Their search for the finest spirits, brews and wineries in America helps tell a part of the history of America. Come join us as we explore the heritage of American Distilling, Brewing and Wine-making.

Meet the Team

Co-conspirators at BoozeHunters and partners in a non-stop journey of adventure and enlightenment.

  Timothy “TK” Kelly Co-Founder 

Tim Kelly is the Co-Founder of BoozeHunters.com. He is a regular contributor and writer for BoozeHunters.In a prior life, Tim held a Series 3 and Series 34 CFTC registration and formerly was a Commodities Trading Advisor (CTA)…(WHAT?!?) He is also an expert and specialist in Ichimoku technical analysis. Tim was licensed Property & Casualty; Life, Accident & Health Insurance Producer in New York State. Clearly, Tim had some time on his hands and could not decide what he wanted to be when he grew up…so he stopped trying and started BoozeHunters.

In addition to writing about the Artful Pursuit of Libation, TK writes commentary on Politics and Social issues. This really pisses-off some family members and friends…but TK does not really care.

In the early days TK was a Bartender at a few of the Iconic, Long Island Mega-Clubs such as Spit and Sprat’s on the Water. Growing up, his family owned and operated 5 liquor stores throughout the five boroughs of New York City…so as a kid he got free booze (just kidding).

TK attended Boston College where he studied English Literature and Economics, and also attended the University of Siena, Italy where he studied studio art.Mr. Kelly has been a decades-long community volunteer in his hometown of Long Island where he Established the community assistance foundation, Kelly’s Heroes, he has also been a coach of Youth Lacrosse for over 10 years, Prior to volunteering in youth sports, Mr. Kelly was involved in the Inner City Scholarship program administered by the Archdiocese of New York.

Prior to creating BoozeHunters, TK was a team leader at Bloomberg Financial Markets, where he created Bloomberg Personal Magazine with an initial circulation of over 7 million copies monthly.”TK” has had a rewarding work-life working for former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg and producing business news programs.

He is still a writer for several news publications.


“MC Sunshine” Capo, Co-Founder

Michelle, aka Shell, admits she was always kind of a party girl.  Like many of you, she loves kicking back with friends and a cocktail at the end of the day, and even better if its waterside.  Water has always been important to MC, and not just for hydration.

Born and raised in Austin, TX she loves outdoor activities and has made a livelihood by bringing that attitude to her waterfront recreational business, Shore Thing Rentals.  During her winter off-season, Shell adores traveling from her home base of Long Island to warmer climates, and sampling all the things the locals love. 

Sunshine is an avid yoga practitioner and sometimes teacher (on and off the water) who balances out the party vices with daily spiritual exercise.




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