Marguerite Cocktail Recipe

marguerite cocktail

The Legend of the Marguerite Cocktail

The Marguerite Cocktail has the distinction of being known as the forefather to the modern Dry Martini. It is fairly well documented over the past 120 years, however, this libation has seen some twists and turns.


The first known published recipe for this cocktail appears in “Stuart’s Fancy Drinks- And How to Mix them” (1896). This recipe is very much like the modern recipe.




marguerite cocktail










However, the later Harry Johnson’s Bartender’s Manual (1900) adds a twist (no pun).

Harry Johnson

Old Harry had a bit of flare and preferred a few dashes of anisette in his brew. However, later publications seem to drop the anisette… and a few years later the bitters lose favor as well; and, voila…the birth of the modern Dry Martini is nearing.


 This is a classic Gin Martini with some variations.
Main alcohol: Gin,  dry vermouth
Ingredients: 2 parts Gin, 1 part Dry vermouth, dash of orange bitters (optional: a few dashes of Curacao)
Preparation: Pour both ingredients into a mixing glass, Fill mixing glass with cubed ice, Stir well to chill and dilute, (Taste before serving to ensure enough dilution, the alcohol should feel pleasant not aggressive), Strain into a Cocktail glass
Served: On the rocks; poured over ice.
Standard garnishlemon peel or small, pitted Spanish olive (sans pimento)

Glassware: Cocktail glass