The Hard Stuff

From Vodka to Whiskey, Gin to Rum and Tequila to Rye…and beyond, the hunt for the ideal distilled spirit begins here! The DNA of the perfect cocktail.

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The Suds

Beers, Hard Ciders and other frothy brews are exploding across the country and the micro-brew craze is just getting started

Beer Run!

Wine & Bubbly

Our second most favorite way to consume grapes. There is no wrong way to enjoy this biblical beverage…but a little knowledge can heighten the pleasure.

More Wine!

What’s a BoozeHunter Anyway?

OK, we got your attention. Be responsible, let’s do this with style.

When used as a verb, “to booze”…that’s usually a sign you might want more than a few. That’s not what we’re about here. But if that’s your bag, do it right, responsibly and be reasonable, OK?

For the rest of us, BoozeHunters is about exploring the world of alcoholic concoctions, brews and beverages, maybe turning them into a cocktail, telling a story and learning how to make it work.


Michelle and Brandy (aka Brown Dog)
Michelle and Brandy (aka Brown Dog)

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